How to use your new USB diffuser:

Setting up

1. Fill the base cup 3/4 with tap water.

2. Add a few drops of your chosen fragrance or essential oil. 3-5 drops for a weaker scent, 5-10 drops for stronger. 

3. IMPORTANT: remove the cotton filter stick from the tube, and fully emerge it in the water, stirring in the oils (your diffuser will not start unless this stick is wet). 

4. Place the cotton stick back into the tube / top of the diffuser, and set the lid back on. 

To turn on: 

- Press once for continuous spray. Press again for interval (every 3 seconds). Press once more to turn off. 


- Hold down the button for 3 seconds to turn on the 1st light mode. Hold down again for the 2nd light mode. Hold down again to turn the light back off. 

Cleaning advise:

- Clean the base cup out well between uses, especially when changing scent. 

- Replace the water regularly. 

- It is recommended to change cotton filter stick when changing scent, so that the two don't merge. 


You diffuser has a timer, and will automatically turn off incase you forget, or so you can leave it on as you go to sleep.